Only You

For you and you alone, I’d cross all the oceans this world creates, just to see a smile on your face. And only for your compliance, I’d betray myself and live for you.

Inspired by

“Only You” by Buck Ram.


Oh me

I remember the very first glimpse my eyes laid to that face. Inheriting all of that shimmering elegance, I questioned myself, how is it possible for one to be this beautiful?. Yet, her alluring face continuously threw the answers at me. Lost in transcendence, I had forgotten about the time, about the need for this world to move, about almost everything as long I was looking at her. It’s such a strange phenomena of life that its most beautiful beings can’t see how much they strike upon someone’s heart. There I sat, melted in unconsciousness. Everything felt like vibrations to me, nothing felt movable. Maybe it was because my brain was still trying to take in that much gleaming all of a sudden. That was the moment I learnt about this ongrowing feeling in my heart which was started since I had seen just a glaze of that face. I was sitting here thinking about her above and beyond and she didn’t knew how special she had become in my heart. Like a caveman searching for cougar to fulfill his feast for a meal, I was searching for forbidden opportunities just to look at her. She,  she was all I could then think about all day long, I had no Idea where my mind was, my senses, myself. I just wanted to fall in a neverending abyss holding her tightly. The feeling of a question to ask, ask that indulger, what magic have you done to me?, is it too much to ask for you to stay, be with me?. I had fallen deep in my monochromatic fantasy and she didn’t even knew my name. Oh, me.