Only You

For you and you alone, I’d cross all the oceans this world creates, just to see a smile on your face. And only for your compliance, I’d betray myself and live for you.

Inspired by

“Only You” by Buck Ram.


Oh me

I remember the very first glimpse my eyes laid to that face. Inheriting all of that shimmering elegance, I questioned myself, how is it possible for one to be this beautiful?. Yet, her alluring face continuously threw the answers at me. Lost in transcendence, I had forgotten about the time, about the need for this world to move, about almost everything as long I was looking at her. It’s such a strange phenomena of life that its most beautiful beings can’t see how much they strike upon someone’s heart. There I sat, melted in unconsciousness. Everything felt like vibrations to me, nothing felt movable. Maybe it was because my brain was still trying to take in that much gleaming all of a sudden. That was the moment I learnt about this ongrowing feeling in my heart which was started since I had seen just a glaze of that face. I was sitting here thinking about her above and beyond and she didn’t knew how special she had become in my heart. Like a caveman searching for cougar to fulfill his feast for a meal, I was searching for forbidden opportunities just to look at her. She,  she was all I could then think about all day long, I had no Idea where my mind was, my senses, myself. I just wanted to fall in a neverending abyss holding her tightly. The feeling of a question to ask, ask that indulger, what magic have you done to me?, is it too much to ask for you to stay, be with me?. I had fallen deep in my monochromatic fantasy and she didn’t even knew my name. Oh, me.

Shopping Centres – The Premise of an Empire

Shopping is the most considered choice of selecting many favorable threads and having them on one layout, which is like a massive dream scenery coming to life amidst the people of both rural and rich areas. Shopping can also be listed in one those stands in which people believe consists of unity. It gathers fashion goers on one platform and have them freely surf through the stuff with vast yet mesmerizing varieties.

As well as people continue to moderate their shopping endeavors, controlling their purchasing while keeping an eye out onto their budget reach, the people who provide us these materials also try their best tricks and values to keep onto their expenses. Those are our clerks. Who serve us the designs which we favor according to the season, festival and style. While they handle the mediocre and also the hard working, they try to situate their company’s morals topmost. Also, They have to take care of numbering and marking their items precisely. While these situations are of a later time, when the store managers think that they have their business fully optimized and controlled, The most strategic and highly valued time is of the beginning, when an idea is turned into reality and a clothing brand is instituted. While some take care of the sponsors and marketing agents, other workers are occupied by the designers in the schemes of the latest modules of fashion approach, Updating them daily about new arrivals which are soon turned into orders.


These things are just a pinch of a bigger picture, which is viewable when the store is finally launched. With a new name, new trend and a better inspiration of people’s lives is what makes these top brands stand where they do. This business do consist of massive amount of hardworking but as time flies, these burden-full occasions are also accompanied with little moments of joy and pleasure which can enter the foundation in the face of promotional events, beloved responses and paychecks from other bigger brands. The start is always small but at the end of the day, you can proudly see yourself in the mirror and cheer to what you have become. Business, hardworking and passion is what makes you go further in the world. To know, see and explore.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 – Specs and About

Lamborghini, the most obscured Sports Company, delivers yet another exotic two Seated Sports Car, Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. Unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow on 28th February, 2011. Aventador’s Specifications has gained many people’s attention because of its Superior design and Snobbish features. Due to its design, This Car Looks more Like A Fighter Cockpit than a simple Sports Car.

It Delivers a Heart Pounding 6.5-liter V-12 Engine which weighs 235 kg and is evaluated at 691 horsepower which lies behind the Occupants. Internally codenamed LB834, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was designed to substitute the ten-year-old  Murciélago. Lamborghini’s both Roadsters and Hardtop models Have the equal Suspension tuning. At its 50th anniversary model, it was called Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 ° Anniversario and also received exceptional Touches, which includes truculent Aerodynamic kits, Badges, Distinctive Wheels, A new color choice, namely Giallo Maggio which is a Italian word used for the color “Yellow May”. This Car stumbles to 720 metric horsepower, as its name advocates. Regardless the use of  Insubstantial Material along the Aventador LP700-4, it has a minimum weight of 3,700 pounds. But, in less than three seconds, Aventador has the power of hitting 60 mph and having a blistering top speed of 217 mph.


Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 ° Anniversario

A Single-Clutch seven-speed semi Automatic Transmission was built by Grazziano Trasmissioni, which is included in the Aventador LP700-4. A Swedish company namely Haldex Traction developed a new Electronically controlled, all-wheel drive System and based on their 4th Generation Technology, They augmented the Car’s handling capabilities. Aventador’s LP700-4 Shape borrows laboriously from Lamborghini’s Estoque Concept car and their limited edition Reventón. According to Lamborghini’s tradition, The Aventador is named after a Bull due of its advanced specifications. As in Production, The first 1,000 Aventadors LP700-4 were built in 15 Months, with the deliveries started in the second half of 2011. Aventador LP700-4 was titled “Best Lamborghini ever ” by Car and Driver. This is a Car that had already achieved Legendary status at its commence.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Every year, Christmas is widely celebrated on the 25 December. Christmas is a well known Holiday and is also considered the Birth of Jesus Christ by Christian’s aspect. Its celebrated in much customs and is popular for the culture of Gift giving to your family relatives and friends. The leisure figure of the Christmas is the Santa Claus. Santa Claus is an imaginary stature famously known for his Presents which many children believes he brought for them. In his inspiration, many children writes letters to Santa Claus and has a wish to meet him someday.

As it is the children’s festival and national holiday in many western countries. Parents giveaway different exciting presents to their beloved sons and daughters which they happily accept. The Young children have a beautiful ability to accept Gift from their elders and they also consider it as a gesture of love and respect.


Here are a few tips for a Christmas Gift

Hence, Christmas is a Fun Festival in which people plan their holidays and vacations with their families, friends, cousins, siblings and parents. To delight their day they think why not give them a Gift which  would make their Christmas Day more beautiful. To successfully present a DIY Christmas gift first you get to know the apex information about your beloved one including his selections and favorites. People usually like dresses, chocolates, bears, jewelry etc. Plus, these things are considered as the top categorical items which everyone adore. After selecting the gifts the wrapping must be nice, to make the gift look more beautiful. It would be nice to keep the Christmas theme in your presents alive while giving away. On the Christmas day it’s the highest priority objective for kids to look for gifts as soon as they wake up, so why not hide them someplace where they could easily find. This would increase their level of surprise.

As Christmas is all about sharing love and presents with their loved ones, People also should not forget about the poor people who doesn’t get a chance to give gifts to their children due to their financial downfall. On the Christmas Day, Christians gather in the churches to Pray to their Jesus Christ for their health and wealth and thank him for blessing them with this day. Christmas is a dominant Pleasure for all The Christians and non-Christians because this is also a notable chance of increasable Friendship and love between Nations.

Lamborghini Gallardo 2014 – Specs and About

The 2014 designed Lamborghini Gallardo is produced from the company Motorsport Division, which was established back in 2005 when the traditional Racecraft MotorSports were divided into 2 different companies named Motorsport Division and Racecraft Carbon Products. Racecrafts main purpose was to sale Carbon fiber products while Motorsport Division was specialized to make deal in the Performance Parts of the engine and its Continental Cars bodykit.

The latest 2014 design of the Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse is very much similar to its recent model design Supperleggera, which was famously known as the “SuperCar”. The Supperleggera was actually based for the off track roads to go on wild while driving and to enrich the experience which so far no Lamborghini Model had promised. The idea for making the latest Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 was to merge both road experience and off track experience in one Car. The newGallardo features differ it from the rest of the models which are its rear wing and race inspired Squadra Corse Sports Carbon quick release engine cover. The Carbon Fiber was added all over inside the car including the center console and the handle doors. Additionally it was used in the bucket seats and was also installed in the Ceramic brakes.


The latest 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo reaches from 0 to 124 Mph (0 to 200 Km/h) in 3.4 seconds and reaches at a top speed of 199 Mph which is almost (320 Km/h) in just 10.4 seconds which makes one new milestone to be achieved by any Lamborghini Car. It wieghts around 1340 Kg around (2,954 lbs) which is much lesser than the Standard Gallardo around 70 Kg (154 lbs) less. The Squadro Gallardo Corse uses around 5.2 liter V-10 which makes the engine to produce 570 Horsepower and connected to 6 Speed Gear E Transmission. With such cool design and features, the Lamborghini Gallardo is undoubtedly unmatchable with any other Lamborghini model till date.

Urdu Poetry and its Eminence

Urdu poetry (Urdu: اُردُو شاعِرى‎) ( Urdu Shairi )

Urdu Poetry has numerous kinds, and is a prosperous tradition which has adopted very much from the Persian language and simply derived from the Arabic language. It consists of various forms such as Qawwali, the musical Poetry, Ghazal, the two lines couplets, Masnavi which dictates the romantic poetry and also the Hamd and Marsiya. But, Urdu Poetryneeds two or more forms to illustrate the Poet’s aspiration which includes Tazkira, Shayari and many other forms. Urdu Poetry is famous in both semantic and bilateral Asian nations i.e. Pakistan and India. The late Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Was not only a poet but a musician, philosopher and a great saint of Sindh. He invented a unique instrument for composing music known as “Tambooro”. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was not only a political hero, who was nominated 4 times for the Nobel Peace Prize Award and has won one. But, He was also a traditional poet who served glowingly in Asian Countries. His famous peace attempt between Pakistan and Bangladesh was one of his renowned act for which he never truly got credit.


Mirza Ghalib at the Age of eleven, started his Peotry and was mentioned as “The God Gifted Letter Writer”. He was merely proud of his Persian poetry rather than his Urdu Poetry. Urdu Poetry performed a major role in the distribution of relationships Between big Nations. The poetic Heroes introduced Diwans which are called a collection of Poems and these victors are always remembered in our lives and have never hesitated to inspire us in any way. As there is the delighted Urdu poetry but there is also Sad Urdu Poetry which has a dismal and wretched format and is loved by the people who are engaged in depression or compassion. It is an excessive way to express feelings to the world and is written by numerous poets. Every Urdu Poet uses a chief title for their Pen known as Takhallus, which is the main Identity mark of Urdu Poetry. Takhallus was first introduced by Mirza Ghalib.


Allama Iqbal was not only a Poet, but a philosopher and a Politician and was trended as the Major classical Poet by the Asian Nations. His first book, Asrar-e-Khuda received extensive praise. After this achievement, he started indulging people by writing in Urdu and had become a figure of literature from his famous Urdu books, namely  Armughan-e-Hijaz, Bang-i-Dara, Zarb-i-Kalam and many others. Allama Iqbal was the most famous poet of Asia, and is also generally known as the poet of the east. His Poetry is also translated in various famous languages along with other poets. Urdu Poetry has been famous since the 18th Century, when poetry was written additionally in the Persian rather than in Urdu Language. Iraj Mirza, Aref Qaznavi, Farrokhi Yazdi were the Famous Poets of the 18th Century.

Mir Taqi Mir was the poetry immense of the 18th century, who gave the scenery to Urdu language. Kulliaatwas one of his comprehensive works which consists of six Diwans having  13,585 couplets. Another Dime was Nazir Akber Abadi, who was known as ”Father Of nazam”. Nazir’s poetic reserves consists of 200,000 verses. One of the greatest achievements of Nazir was the “Hans Nama”  which was written in the love and patriotism of his nation. It is said That No other Urdu poet used as many words as Nazir did. These poets have played a great role in developing a source of gratification. They are always remembered in our lives and they have never faltered to inspire us in any way. Urdu Poetry is performing a huge role in the society and is majorly appreciated all around the world.